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 Welcome to Energy Savings UK

We are a growing company who have already helped numerous customers save 30-40% on utility bills. Our simple, easy-to-use tool is the most straightforward product on the market for reducing electricity, water and gas bills.

After 30 years in the energy industry, our team have dedicated their knowledge and expertise towards making it easy for customers like you to save on utility bills. We’ve carried out in-depth analysis of the energy market and developed complex algorithms to create our unique programme, that enables users to dramatically cut the costs of gas, water and electricity bills. Find out more about our team of energy-saving experts! 

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Our Mission


30 years in the industry has taught us one thing in particular: many customers pay unnecessary, extra costs for their utility bills. We don’t think it’s fair for you to suffer from the hidden costs that large companies charge. That’s why we decided to start Energy Savings UK, to enable customers of all ages to pay a fair price for their bills.


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Who Can Use the Tool?

Anybody! Whether you are a student looking to have a little more money in your pocket each month, or a homeowner fed up of costly family bills, our product is designed for you. It doesn’t matter what type of property you have, or what company you are currently paying your bills through, as our programme has been developed in a way that enables all types of customers, with all types of living arrangements, to save on utility bills. 







“I didn’t realise how much extra I was paying for my bills until I got this package. It has saved me loads of money on bills and I’ve been able to spend more on doing fun activities with my family instead. Thank you to all of the team at Energy Savings UK!”


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How Do I Use It?

Using our tool is as simple as inserting a USB stick into your computer and starting up our programme. If you aren’t a computer-whiz, don’t worry, as we include an easy to understand brochure with every order.

All you need to do is:

  • Read through our brochure.
  • Insert the USB into your computer and install our application by following the clear instructions in our brochure.
  • Sit back and watch as the results save you 30-40% on utility bills.

With Energy Savings UK, saving on utility bills has never been so easy.






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